iPhone Lost by Oklahoma Farmer Resurfaces Nine Months Later in Japan

iPhone Lost by Oklahoma Farmer Resurfaces Nine Months Later in Japan

Kevin Whitney loved his iPhone. Or at least he loved the countless, priceless family photos stored on it. So when the phone slipped out of his pocket and into 140 tons of grain on his farm in Oklahoma, he was understandably distraught. Luckily, people are nice in Japan.

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Gmail for Android adds a faster way to attach Google Drive files

Attaching Drive files on Gmail is easy enough even on Android phones and tablets, but we doubt anybody would complain if Google wants to make it even easier. The new Gmail refresh for Android comes with an “Insert from Drive” option on the right-hand…

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PC shipments appear to flatten out after two years of steep decline

Both Gartner and IDC appear to have some good news for the PC industry — the seemingly never-ending death spiral may have come to an end. While the two research groups don’t agree completely on the numbers, it does appear that after two years of…

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Here’s What Saving $1.3 Billion On a New Stadium Looks Like

Here's What Saving $1.3 Billion On a New Stadium Looks Like

Yesterday we learned that London-based architect Zaha Hadid had rethought her design for Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium, after widespread protests and a major budget cut put the original design in jeopardy. Dezeen has the new images of the redesigned stadium, and it’s… pretty damn similar, despite a $1.3 billion budget cut.

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The Middle of this Massive Indoor Maze Reveals How To Get Back Out Again

The Middle of this Massive Indoor Maze Reveals How To Get Back Out Again

Getting lost in a museum is easy, and aimlessly wandering from wing to wing is a nice, relaxing, not-at-all-claustrophobic way to spend an afternoon. Alternatively you could venture into The BIG Maze at DC’s National Building Museum, an on-site installation filled with winding paths, dead-ends, and a cool reveal at the end of the road.

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Self-Guided Bullets That Change Course Midair Are Now Terrifyingly Real

Self-Guided Bullets That Change Course Midair Are Now Terrifyingly Real

The military masterminds at DARPA have just changed everything you think you know about bullets. Meet the Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance, or EXACTO, a .50 caliber bullet that maneuvers itself midair to stay locked on target . Here’s footage of the first live test: it sure as hell looks like the technology works.

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This Image of the NSA’s Utah Data Center Was Taken From the EFF’s Blimp

This Image of the NSA's Utah Data Center Was Taken From the EFF's Blimp

At the end of June, a coalition led by the Electronic Frontier Foundation trolled the NSA by air, hiring a huge blimp to hover over the agency’s new data center in Utah . Now, the EFF has released a huge image of the high-security center. It’s both banal and terrifying.

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