Apple Q2 2014: Wow, were we wrong!

Last night I was all set to review another boring Apple quarter. Many stock followers thought the numbers would arrive in line with guidance (and Street expectations), and that there wouldn’t be too much exciting stuff happen on the call.

Wow. Were we wrong.

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What Happens When You Give A Bunch Of Hotshot Pilots GoPros

What Happens When You Give A Bunch Of Hotshot Pilots GoPros

Some of the best pilots in the US Navy are assigned to fly Super Hornets from the USS George Washington. But just because you’re the best at what you do, doesn’t mean it’s all seriousness, hard work, and downright tedium. Most of the time it looks like it’s nothing but pure, unadulterated, capital-A Awesome.

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Evernote’s Moleskine Business Notebook Keeps Your Private Notes Secret

Evernote's Moleskine Business Notebook Keeps Your Private Notes Secret

Despite hundreds of keyboard and stylus accessories for your phone or tablet, a pen and paper is still the easiest way to take notes at work. And in their continued effort to bridge your gadgets and notebooks, Evernote and Moleskine are introducing a business-oriented notebook that gives you space for jotting private notes not meant for coworkers’ eyes.

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Shooting Challenge: Photo Mosaics

Shooting Challenge: Photo Mosaics

You’ve all seen the effect. There’s a picture, but inside that picture lives a thousand little pictures that create the pigment. The effect is called a photo mosaic. And it’s easier to make than you think.

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HotelTonight app now lets you preview room availability seven days ahead

HotelTonight’s namesake feature is also holding it back: You can only book a room beginning at 9AM on the day of check-in. If you’re planning to arrive during a major event, say, in Los Angeles during E3 or Rio during Carnival, landing without a…

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